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FIRST FIVE - The First 5 Things You Should Do To Onboard Yourself

Welcome to Nekst! Here is a brief video overview showing you how to get started using Nekst efficiently for your business! You can see a written breakdown below as well.

Step 1: Navigate Around the Application

First: Review preloaded tasks in your task list, with a "Property" called Nekst Onboarding.

This includes a list of 12 tasks which you can work through to learn how to use the basic functionality of the system.

Most pages will have an interactive tutorial which you can click through to learn more.

Should you ever need to revisit this tutorial, you can click on any of these links to view the helpful hints on each page:
Calendar Overview
Properties Page
Property Detail Page (go to any of your Property Pages and add ?openTour=1 to the end of the web address)

Third: Complete your Profile & Turn On Daily Email Summary Notification

If you would like to receive a Daily Morning Email with the list of tasks due Today, Past Due and Upcoming Key Dates, you can select this option at the bottom of your Profile.

Sample Daily Email

Check the box to turn on or off the Daily Emails. They arrive each morning around 5am EST.

Fourth: Connect your Calendar to Nekst

You can easily connect your Nekst Calendar with any calendar with will accept an iCal link. Google, Apple, Outlook and more will all accept an iCal feed.

To copy your personalized calendar link, go to the Calendar page and click the button which says (EXPORT FOR ICAL).

You can choose to display:
All Tasks - this is everything assigned to you
Key Dates - this will be just those important dates like contingency deadlines and closing dates (most people sync with this one)

Simply copy the Clipboard icon at the end of the link and paste into your personal calendar. Here are some tutorials for adding your calendar to the most popular free Calendars:
Apple Calendar
Google Calendar (See Step 2)
Outlook Calendar

Step 2: Customize the Roles for Team Members and Transaction Parties

Roles for Transaction Parties

Review the list of existing roles and Delete any roles you wish not to use. You can also rename roles and create new ones. As you manage the different transaction parties, you will create these roles to help keep you organized and ensure that your Email and SMS tasks are being delivered to the right party.

Roles for Team Members

If you have a Team Account, you can create the list of Roles that match the titles you use to run your team from the "Custom Roles" section of the Settings. Some examples are Client Care Coordinator, Sign Runner and Listing Specialist.

Step 3: Customize Detail Boxes

Each Type of Property (Listing, Pending Buyer, Other, etc) will have different pieces of information that you wish to track. You can hide Detail Boxes and Create New Detail Boxes to help track the details of a transaction. For a full overview of how to use Detail Boxes, check out this tutorial.

Step 4: Customize one of our Action Plans or create your own from scratch

Copy a Plan

Nekst comes pre-loaded with 5 Action Plans to help you get started with customizing your own. You can customize our plans by choosing a plan from the dropdown and selecting to make a Copy of the plan.

Remove / Add / Edit Tasks

All tasks are able to be edited, due dates changed, assignment changed or deleted altogether. You can also add new tasks to a custom plan by selecting one of the 3 Task Types from the dropdown. Note: Only Pro users have access to SMS tasks

Incorporate Smart Tags into your Emails and (if a Pro User) SMS Messages

To make your Email and SMS autopopulate information from the transaction, you can add smart tags into the message body of Email and SMS Tasks. You can see a full list of Smart Tags here.

Step 5: Create a Fake Property to test Nekst out!

Once you've finished your setup, it's time to Launch a Property and experience how Nekst can simply the managing of listing and pending properties.

Updated on: 05/19/2023

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