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Smart Tags: Pre-fill your Emails with Transaction Info

Using Smart Tags in Emails Messages

How To:

As you send email messages throughout the listing and closing processes, you can insert Smart Tags into the message body of Email Tasks, to act as a placeholder for pieces of information specific to each property.

To setup these Smart Tags in your emails, select your Plan from the Plans Page and locate an Email Task to customize. Enter a hashtag (#) and type the first few letters of the desired piece of data. You will see a list of options which will dwindle as you type more letters. Choose the appropriate Tag and it will be inputted into the message.

Once you apply an action plan with Smart Tags to a property, you will be able to "Preview" the email message to ensure all of the Smart Tag data has populated into the message before sending.

Below are the 6 different SmartTag sections available at this time:

1) Property & Detail Boxes
Each property comes with a few built-in fields that cannot be removed. Those are listed below:

Property Details:
Full Property Address: #Property Selling Price: #property.fullPropertyAddress
Property Description: #property.propertyDescription
Property Start Date: #property.startDate
Property End Date: #property.endDate
Property Buyer(s) Name: #property.buyersName
Property Seller(s) Name: #property.sellersName

Pending Details:
Pending Date: #property.pendingDate
Closing Date: #property.closingDate
Property Selling Price: #property.sellingPrice
Commission Received: #property.commissionReceived

Listing Details:
Listing Date: #property.listingDate
Listing Price: #property.listingPrice
Listing Expiration: #property.listingExpiration

Detail Boxes
If you want to track any other information (Inspection Deadline, Earnest Money Amount, Loan Commitment Deadline, etc), simply create a detail box and associate it with the appropriate type of property (Listing, Pending Buyer, Pending Seller, etc). A SmartTag will instantly be created.


2) Property Transaction Party Fields
As you add Transaction Parties to the property, each role can their contact information included in emails. In lieu of "roleName", each role will be listed (e.g. #transactionCoordinator.firstName)

#roleName.address (prints the whole address)

In case multiple transaction parties sharing a single role (2 buyers for example), the values are joined in the following way:
Names are joined with & (e.g. Jerry & Sally)
Other variables will reference to what person they belong (e.g. Mobile Numbers will include the associated Name and will be separated by a "," (234) 234-2342 (Jerry West), (111) 234-2341 (Sally North)

3) Team Owner Field
Team Accounts have a special field for quickly adding the Account Owner Details or Signature:


4) Email Task Specific Field
Greetings and Salutations will now be fully customizable. You can create a custom greeting or use these Smart Tags to populate the greeting (Hi Jim) and salutation (Sincerely, ....):

For the "To", "CC" and "Sender" parties of an email, you can also include any of the 11 other fields found in their contact record.

5) Client Portal Link Field
Once you have activated a Client Portal for a property, you can insert the SmartTag that will display the public link for that property's portal.

6) Documents
Any document label you create from the Setup Page can be converted into a Smart Tag. If you create a label called “Listing Agreement”, which is designed to have the executed listing agreement attached, then you can use a smart tag to insert a link to this document, hosted online.

Example Document Labels:


If a Smart Tag is used but there is no corresponding data, "N/A" will be shown in the Preview and included in the email. It is very important to always preview an Email before sending.

Updated on: 11/15/2023

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