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Email Task Overview - How to send Pre-written Emails

Email Task Overview - How to send Pre-written Emails

Nekst makes it easy to send out pre-written (canned) emails throughout the transactions. Emails can be sent to ANY party of the transaction. Here are a few tips & tricks:

All emails come pre-formatted with the following:
Property name at the end of the Email Subject line (ex. Time to Transfer Utilities - 456 Main St) The 456 Main St gets added automatically
Don't use an opening greeting. The emails come pre-formatted with "Hi <first name of recipient>,"
Don't include a signature. Emails will automatically pull the signature you've setup on your profile page

Setting Up Email Templates
For certain emails, you will need to add additional details before you send them out. You can edit all of the emails before you actually send them as well as see a preview of the email before clicking "Send"

Examples of how you can use Email Tasks
Inform your buyer to order a home inspection
Request an update from the lender
Request an update from the title company
Seek out HOA documents from the seller's agent
Inform your seller to terminate utilities
Notify your buyer's agent to turn in contract documents

Updated on: 04/13/2023

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