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SMS Task Overview

SMS Task Overview

Sending SMS Messages is a lot harder these days than ever. In order to send SMS messages to clients, team members or business associates using an SMS service like Nekst, we are required to get consent by asking the SMS Recipients to "Opt-In" to our initial message.

When Are Opt-In Messages Sent?

As soon as a team member or transaction party is scheduled to receive an SMS message via an SMS Task in Nekst, the Opt-In message will be sent.

Scenario 1: Launch of a New Property

When you create a new property and you add the buyer, seller, team member, etc as a transaction party who is set to receive an SMS Task message, they will get an SMS to Opt-In as soon as you click [LAUNCH TASKS].

The message is formatted to included your company name and a basic message, as outlined below.

Scenario 2: Adding a Transaction Party after Launching Tasks

If you add a Transaction Party after launching tasks, the transaction party will also get an Opt-In message as soon as they a) Match a Role Receiving an SMS Task or b) Are Manually Added as a Recipient to an SMS task.

How to Know if a Recipient has Opted-In

There are several ways to tell if a recipient has Opted-In

1) From the User Profile on the 'Contacts' page

Once a user has been sent the message, there will be a yellow clock icon next to their mobile number. If you hover over the icon, it will give you the status that the Opt-In is pending.

Once the user has Opted In, this yellow clock will change to a green checkmark.

2) From the SMS Task Box

Each recipient will have a Yellow warning triangle next to their name if they have not yet opted in to receive an SMS Message from your team. This will help you to know if/when you can begin sending SMS messages to that recipient. You can also take steps from the SMS ( Preview & Send ) to request an Opt-In.

3) From the "Preview & Send" message of the SMS Task

If you click the "Preview & Send" button inside the SMS Task, you will see the status for each SMS recipient. For newly added recipients or for recently launched properties, you will see a message that the user is currently in Pending Status and that you can only send an Opt-In message 1 time per 24 hours.

After 24 hours, if the user has not yet Opted-In, you can re-send the Opt-In message by clicking the Request Opt-In Link

After requesting a 2nd time, you will receive confirmation that the request was sent. You must wait another 24 hours before you can send again.

Once the user does Opt-In, the message will show The SMS message can be sent.

Common Reasons that SMS Messages Are Not Working

No Mobile Number

If you hover over the Triangle Icon and get this message, you will need to go into the contract record to either a) Add a Mobile Number of b) Select the button to allow this message to receive SMS messages

Updated on: 05/23/2023

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