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Standard Task Box Overview

**Standard Task Box Overview**

Nekst allows you to add individual tasks to a property during the initial setup as well as any time after a plan has been applied.

To add a single task, you can select "Add Task" from the Tasks Page or from an Individual Property Page

Select the Type of task you want to apply. From the "Tasks" page, you must also select the Property in which you want to apply the task. The Property selected will also determine which team members (for our Team Pro Accounts) should be assigned the task.

Working with the Nekst Task Box - There are several components to the task box that I want to explain in detail to help you better understand how to build each task. The task box will change slightly from how it appears within a Plan (template) versus adding a single task to an existing property.

Standard Task - Template Version (found on the Plans Page or when adding a new property)

Task Name - Brief Description of the task
Due Date - You can choose a number of days either after the Start (Contract) Date or before the End Date
"Key" Date - any task that has a variable date depending on the contract terms (e.g. inspection period, loan commitment) or is a really important date you need advance notice of (e.g. Final Walkthrough, Closing) should be labeled as a key date
Only During Business Week - if this option is selected, any task that falls on a Saturday or Sunday will automatically be shifted up and due the Friday before. Do NOT select this box for tasks due right away, otherwise, you may find tasks are "Past Due" if you happen to launch a new action plan over the weekend.
"Private"- This will allow you and those you give permission to be the only one who see this task. Examples are Closing Gift related tasks, Price Reduction cue, etc
Task Description - You can put a full description here about the task for your team or your clients to reference
Assign By Transaction Party - This allows you to pre-assign a certain task to a user in your template. Once you add the person and label them with the role of "Buyer", all tasked assigned to the buyer in your plan will automatically become assigned to your recently added buyer client.

Nekst Task Box - Post Launch of a Property

Due Date - You can enter a specific date and time
Task Description - You can put a full description here about the task for your team or your clients to reference
Comments - You are able to post comments from any team member pertaining to this task. All comments will be logged on the Activity Tracking page. Unread comments will appear as this: Once you read a comment, the icon will change to this:
Assign to Transaction Party - This allows you to assign any task to a specific person (Roles go away once an action plan is launched)
Remind In - If you want a specific email reminder, you can request to send any assigned party an email from 0-3 days before the task comes due. This emails will go out individually on the appropriate date at 9am EST approximately.


When you build a plan, you cannot list a physical due date. You can only build off of "After Start Date" or "Before End Date"
Once an Action Plan is launched, individual tasks can be created with a specified due date
If you edit tasks within a Plan, it will NOT automatically update all of your properties with your changes originally launched with that plan.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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