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Adding, Removing & Managing Tasks

Adding, Removing & Managing Tasks

Adding Tasks

Tasks can easily be added to a Plan or Property by clicking the +Add A Task Button at the top of the page.

Managing Tasks

To edit tasks within a plan you have already applied to a property, you can easily update the following within each task box:

1) The task title
2) Due Date
3) Party Assignment (who is responsible for completing the task)
4) Task Description - detailed version of how to complete the task or key information necessary to complete the task

Editing The Entire Checklist After Applying It To A Property

If you have launched a plan but want to go back and re-edit the plan and relaunch the tasks. Perhaps you used the wrong start or end date or simply chose the wrong action plan, you can easily do this Click the properties tab on the top navigation. Select the property you want to edit.

Click the buttom "Open..." and select "Property Details"

On the right side are all of the property details as well as a link to [EDIT PLAN].
Wrong Property Name - Simply change the name and click "Update" at the bottom
Wrong Status - Simply change the Status and click "Update" at the bottom
Wrong Type - Simply change the Type and click "Update" at the bottom
Wrong Start/End Date - Simply change the Start Date and click "Update" at the bottom. A box will pop up asking if you want to shift all of your dates to abide by the new start date. Select "Adjust Dates" or "Do Not Adjust Dates"

Go Back to Original Steps

If you want to go back and redo the entire process, select the "Edit Plan" link next to the Update button at the bottom of the Property Details box.

Removing All Tasks from a Property

If you applied the wrong plan or simply want to remove all outstanding tasks at one time, simply click on the properties tab, choose a property and click on "All" to reveal all the properties tasks.
Go to the Filter and check Every Team Member if you are using a Team Pro account
Click on the "Mass Update" checkbox
Choose "Select All"
Click "Delete"

Updated on: 04/13/2023

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