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Changing the Status of a Property

As properties come and go, it's important to control the "Status" of the property. There are 3 different options:

Active: This label is to be used for properties you are actively managing.
Closed: This label is to be used when your properties close.
Archived: This label is for any property that falls apart, is cancelled, terminated, etc.

To change the status of a property, simply select the property you wish to edit from the "Properties" page.

Once you open the Property page, click on the "OPEN..." button and select the "Details" page.

On the property details page, you can modify the details of the property using the dropdown on the

You can change the property status and select the "Update" button at the bottom.

This property will not display in the appropriate status on the Properties Page.

Important Details to Note
Changing a property to Archived status will remove all outstanding tasks
Changing a property to Closed status will NOT remove all outstanding tasks. You can still complete post closing tasks even after changing the status to Closed.

Updated on: 03/29/2023

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