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Managing Actively Looking Buyers in Nekst

With Buyer Representation Agreements becoming more standard, it's important that you convey value and provide transparency during the home "finding" process in addition to the closing process. Below is an overview of how Nekst makes it easy to create a Buyer focused action plan, configure a Default Client Portal Page and how to Launch a New Active Buyer Client in Nekst.

Creating Custom Active Buyer Action Plans

Nekst comes pre-loaded with an amazing Active Buyer Action Plan. This action plan includes the following:

A series of tasks to ensure you get paperwork signed, an MLS search setup, disclosures reviewed & executed, etc
Several pre-written, customized emails (and SMS Tasks for Pro Users) to send throughout the first 3 weeks, educating and informing the client of opportunities available to them
A sample Roadmap for the major steps involved between purchase contract execution and closing, to help the Buyer better understand the experience ahead

You can make a Copy of this Action Plan and make additional edits so that is fully customized to how you manage your business in your market.

Note: Any Task which you want to appear in the Portal as part of the Client Roadmap MUST be marked as a Key Date

Key Date Selection

Setting up a Default 'Active Buyer' Client Portal

Active Buyer Portals can be setup to include:

A default header photo & Portal Name with SmartTags
Recommended Service Providers
Pre-Selected Detail Boxes
Pre-loaded Documents
Pre-written Notes

Setting up your Default Portal 1 time will save you significant effort when launching a new Active Buyer Client.

Note: You can still make changes to the Client Portal on a per-client basis and not impact the default settings. This allows you to recommend the best Service Providers for each client and include the best documents for the buyer's situation.

Adding a New Active Buyer in Nekst

Once you have created your Default Client Portal for Active Buyers, it is very easy to launch new Buyer Clients, associate an Action Plan and Finalize their Buyer Portal.

Steps for Finalizing the Portal
Go to the 'Details' page to add any manual information in the Detail Boxes
On the same 'Details' page, add any notes you feel are custom and important for this client
Upload any custom paperwork (Buyer Representation Agreement, Disclosures, Etc) that are custom for this client
Go to the "Client Portal" page and review all of the information being shared on the Portal before sending to your client

Tip: I recommend you include a link to your client's "Client Portal" in the base of all Email and SMS messages, to ensure they are able to find resources easily and can monitor their progress through the homebuying process

Updated on: 04/18/2024

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