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Storing and Sharing Documents

Storing Contract & Transaction Documents in Nekst

Nekst makes it easy to organize and share all documents related to a transaction. Overtime, we will seek out additional ways to move documents from e-signature programs into Nekst, to minimize duplicating the job of document management.

Using Document Labels

Documents tend to have all sorts of file names. In order to bring organization to managing properties and to make sharing documents easier, we need to associate those uniquely named files with labels that fit the transaction.

You can create labels individually by going to "Setup". Select "Document Labels" from the left side column.

Click the +Create Label Button on the right side.

You can type out each label that you anticipate using within a listing, purchase, lease or any other kind of transaction. Should you also have a "Universal Document" (a document that will never change) that you want to store with this label, you can upload it here as well. Examples of Universal Documents might be:
Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale
Team Member Overview
Buyer Guide

Using Document Templates

Document Templates are a group of Labels that are typical of the documents that are typically required for a transaction in your market. For each property, you can apply one or more templates to a property to manage documents. Using templates will also ensure you are not missing any documents by easily observing any labels not associated with a document.

You will likely want to create a document template for:
Listing Transaction
Purchase Financing Transaction
Purchase Cash Transaction
HOA Doc Package
Lease Transaction
and MORE!

You can expedite the adding of Labels using the "Document Template" feature by creating new labels and associating them with a template. Every Label you add will be added to the Label list automatically.

Adding Documents to a Property

The Document section for each property can be found using the (Open...) dropdown in the top right corner of each property and selecting "Documents"

From there, the Documents Page allows you to easily apply a:
Document Template
or Individual Document with NO label

Currently Nekst supports documents in .pdf and .doc formats

Sharing Documents within Email Tasks and SMS Tasks

All Labels can be applied as a "Smart Tag" in your Email and SMS messages. This feature allows you to build out an Email/SMS Task in "Plans" as part of your process to ensure all documents are shared to the necessary parties at the appropriate times.

Just like Detail Boxes, you simply type out "#documents.label-name" and select the document you want to share. If no document is associated with the label, there will be no link sent in the email or SMS message.

All documents are sent via a link and NOT as an attachment. All links will open a preview of the document into a browser window. From there, a recipient can download the file.

Sharing Documents through the Client Portal

Documents can also be shared in the Client Portal by simply selecting which documents to share in the Client Portal Setup page.

Updated on: 07/19/2023

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