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How to Modify an Existing Nekst Plan

How to modify an Existing Nekst Plan

The easiest option to get started with Nekst is to review and revise the pre-loaded Nekst Plans to fit your business. Here is a quick step-by-step guide for creating your first customized Plan in Nekst.

Modify a Pre-Loaded Nekst Plan

Click on the "Plans" tab in the top navigation bar. Pick a plan you would like to review and customize to fit your business. Click on the "Edit Plan" button and select "Copy Plan" in order to make edits.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pre-loaded plans:

Nekst Pre-Listing Plan - Follow these steps to guide as you prep your listing before officially hitting the market
Nekst Listing Plan - Follow these steps to guide your listing from initial listing agreement up until expiration or accepted offer
Nekst Buyer Financing Closing Plan - Use this plan for buyers obtaining a mortgage loan
Nekst Buyer Closing Plan - Use this plan for buyer NOT obtaining a mortgage (same as the Financing Closing Plan but without the lender stuff)
Nekst Seller Closing Plan - When your listing converts to a pending/under contract file, use this plan to guide your seller through to closing


If you make a change to an existing action plan, it will NOT be automatically applied to all existing properties which are currently using a previous version of that action plan. The changes will only be applied to new properties moving forward.

You can easily copy and edit any existing or custom made plan to fit your business.

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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