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Editing & Sharing an Existing Plan

**Editing & Sharing an Existing Plan (Video)**

Sharing a Plan

Nekst encourages it's users to share best practices using the built in "SHARE PLAN" button.

You will be prompted to to enter as many email addresses you like in the pop-up window to share your plan.

Existing Nekst Users - If you share a plan with someone who has an existing Nekst account, it will appear in their drop down list alongside the other plans. They will also receive an email informing them that this new Plan has been shared by you.
Non-Nekst Users - For those users who do not have a Nekst account, they will receive an email with partial information related to the Plan. These users will be prompted to create a FREE Nekst account where they will be able to view the newly SHARED PLAN in their Plans drop down bar.

Updated on: 03/29/2023

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