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Going from Listing to Pending: Using more than One Plan on a Property

**Going from Listing to Pending: Using more than One Action Plan on a Property**

Nekst allows you to add multiple plans to a property. Following the same steps taken to apply your initial plan, you can select a NEW plan from Property Details box on the Property Details page.

Property Details Box

4 Step Process to applying an additional plan**

Step 1: Select the desired plan from the drop down.

Step 2: Revise your dates to match the "Start" date and "End Date" of the soon-to-be-launched plan and click "Update" at the bottom to apply your plan.

Step 3: Review and revise your tasks to match the contract terms.

Step 4: Add any new team members or transaction parties to the property

If your listing goes under contract quickly, there may be a large number of "Listing Plan" tasks that need removed. Once you "Launch" your tasks, you will be given 2 options for handling the old, outstanding tasks:

Left As Is Modal

New tasks will be applied to this transaction. Tasks from the previous plan should be:

Option 1 - Removed (This will delete any active tasks for the property before the new tasks are applied)

Option 2 - Left As-Is (Keep Existing Tasks on your To-Do List)

After that, you're ready to start executing on your new plan!

Updated on: 03/29/2023

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