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How to Delete a Property

**How to Delete a Property**

A common request is how to "Delete" a property in Nekst. We don't have the capability to delete properties in Nekst since we want to avoid the consequence of people accidentally deleting a property. We offer the solution of changing the property to "Archive" status.

Archiving will remove all tasks from your dashboard
The property will move off of your "Property List" as it will no longer be an "Active File"
If you ever want to re-access the property, simply change it back to "Active" or "Closed" status and all notes, tasks and transaction parties will reappear.

To change the status of a property, simply select the property you wish to edit from the "Properties" tab on the top navigation bar.

When you have selected the property, click on the (OPEN...) button and select "Details" from the dropdown.

On the right side is a list of details for the property under the heading of "Property Setup".

Select the dropdown under status and select "Archived"

Active: This label is to be used for properties in which you are actively managing at the moment.
Closed: This label is to be used when your properties close.
Archived: This label is for any property that falls apart, is cancelled, terminated, etc.

Updated on: 04/11/2023

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